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Wicket also refers to the event of a batsman getting out. The batsman is said to have lost his wicket. If dismissed by a bowler, the bowler is said to have taken his wicket. The number of wickets taken is the primary measure of a bowler's ability.

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Q: What is a wicket in the game Cricket?
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A wicket is associated in which sport?

The term wicket is associated with the sport of Cricket. When a batsman is dismissed and sent back to the pavillion it is termed as a wicket. People even call the cricket pitch where the game is played a wicket.

How many bails are part of a wicket in a game of cricket?


How do you use cricket in a sentence?

That wasn't cricket! The cricket tells the temperature. There was quite a sticky wicket in that last game of cricket.

What is a homonym for cricket?


What is measurement of wide ball in cricket from central wicket?

Cricket from central wicket? lol

What is a wicket worth in cricket?

about 1000 per wicket

Is it out hitting the wicket after scoring a six in cricket?

Yes, it is out hitting the wicket after scoring a six in cricket because the batsman hit the wicket.

Who is the first cricketer to take wicket in cricket?

Amar singh is the first person to take wicket in test cricket

What sport do you use a wicket?


What rhymes with stick it?

cricket, wicket

What is a dismissal in cricket called?

A wicket

What is the size of cricket wicket?


What is an extended period at the wicket by two batsmen in cricket?

The extended period at the wicket by two batsmen in cricket is called a stand.

Where does the term sticky wicket originate from?

It is from the game of cricket. The wicket is the playing field. If you have a sticky wicket, it is muddy or soggy, and hard to play on. The term has since come to mean any sort of difficult situation.

What is the length of a cricket wicket?

A cricket wicket is 22 yards (one chain) long. This is the distance between the two sets of stumps.

What rhymes with wicket?

Ticket Racket Cricket pick it, cricket, wicked,

Enumerate responsibilities of wicket keeper in game of cricket?

To motivate bowlers as well as fielders from behind the stumps

What is the measurement of the wicket in cricket?

22 yards

What is a cricket stump out?

its wicket keeper work

Which wicket keeper is the highest wicket taker in world test cricket?

mark boucher

What is the standard length of cricket pitch?

The Wicket to Wicket length of a Cricket Pitch is 20.12m. Or 22 yards or 1 chain 22 Yards

What is a wicket in cricket?

Wicket has many different meanings in cricket. For more detailed information regarding such definitions, click on the Related Link below.

What is the circumference of a cricket pitch?

The cricket pitch is 22 yards long from wicket to wicket. The close infield has a diameter of 15 yards centered on each wicket, which makes the circumference 47.12 yards.

How do you get a wicket in cricket?

In cricket you will have to either bowl him out, run him out or trap him L.B.W yes

How many yards is a boundary from a wicket in cricket?

150 yards in test cricket