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Volleyball does not have a quarterback position.

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Q: What is a volleyball quarterback called?
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What was the quarterback position called before it was called a quarterback?


What is the origin of volleyball?

It was always called a volleyball

What is the original name of the game volleyball?

Mintonette is the first name of the volleyball...afterwards a man noticed the game and called it volleyball (originally spelled as Volley ball)...

What was volleyball called before it was called volleyball?

the former name of volleyball is called "Mintonette" , it was just change when Dr. Alfred S. Halstead suggested to change the name of the game to "Volleyball" in 1932. It's first olympic game hall in Tokyo, Japan. editor -Aimee Gillespie writer- Maddie Finn

Why it is called volleyball?

VOLLEYBALL comes from the word VOLLEY which means to bump or hit and a ball is a round hard/soft object.VOLLEY+BALL=VOLLEYBALL. VOLLEYBALL+ME= my life.

What is the thrower in football called?


Is volleyball in the Paralympics?

Yes, its called sitting volleyball because the players sit on the floor.

A hiked ball that is handled or dropped by the quarterback is a what?

The transfer of the ball from the center to the quarterback is called a 'snap'.

What is velocity in volleyball?

Velocity is the speed of something in a given directionin volleyball there is a club called velocity

What are the shapes on a volleyball called?

in volleyball there are parallel lines that are included also the net is a shape of a rectangle

What is it called when a lineman gets through to the quarterback?

When a defensive player tackles a quarterback behind the line of scrimmage as he is trying to throw the football .... that is called a sack.

What is the original name of volleyball?

Mintonette. Volleyball was also created in 1895 by William G. Morgan.