What is a volleyball hit tomahawk?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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The tomahawk in volleyball is a move where both hands flat and open, and fingers tight, and touching each other as if you were praying (fingers are not interlaced, but except the hands would be pressed together overhead. Often you make a chopping motion with the two hands.

This would more likely be used in beach volleyball where the rules on overhand passing are more strict with respect to spin.

It is a difficult move, and should only be used when absolutely necessary.

This situation would be when you are defending and the ball is either shot over your head and will land in the court, or when the ball is deflected off the block and flying over your head. In both situations, you would ideally turn around and move your feet to get to the ball and play it underhand. If you are off balance or simply cannot move that fast, use the tomahawk!

In indoor 6-man volleyball, double contacts are allowed on the first ball, so you dont need to tomahawk (hands together) - just try to set the ball (hands apart) for more control.

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It's when a person (normally in the front row) jumps up and makes contact with the volleyball with a downward swing of the arm. Normally a person will take an approach which is the footwork that goes along with a hit the footwork for a righty is left-right-left and for a lefty it is right-left-right. A hit is also called a spike.

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Q: What is a volleyball hit tomahawk?
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Fast offensive hit to a specific spot?

A spike is a fast offensive hit to a specific spot in volleyball.

Can the volleyball ever hit the floor?

when ever the volleyball happens to hit the floor it will count against u

What is the name of the game played on a volleyball court with a volleyball but it has to bounce before you hit it?

Volleyball Tennis

What is the difference between unlimited hit volleyball and volleyball?

unlimited hit you can hit it on your side as many times as needed. in normal volleyball you can only hit it 3 times and it needs to go over. usually a bump, set and a spike.

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How do you pike in volleyball?

YOu can spike in volleyball when you hit the ball down on the opposite team.

Can the ball touch the ground in volleyball?

Yes. Hitting a volleyball with the palm of your hand is called spiking, hitting, or attacking the ball. It is when you do an approach, jump up, and hit the volleyball over the net to the other side of the court.

Is a carry a legal hit in volleyball?


Three hit sequence in volleyball is?

pass set hit

What is the attack in volleyball?

An attack in volleyball is when you are going up to hit a spike off of a set or a bump. This hit can also be known as a kill.

How do you be good in volleyball?

well you need to be tall, if not then you need to be well coordinated, because when you hit a volleyball you want to hit it directly in the middle

What is a attack in volleyball?

An attack in Volleyball is an overhead hit, such as a hit by an Outside or a back row attack.