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Q: What is a united group of countries with common interests goals or aims?
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Which describes the enlarged interests component of the Walk-in-the-Woods Model?

The team develops a list of larger common goals that are woven through each individual's self-interests. apex.

What is the historical significance of alliance?

countries achieved common goals/ accomplishments because of countries alliance with each other.

What is one the United Nations' primary goals?

To prevent countries from going to war with one another

How did president Eisenhower attempt to further United states interests around the world?

To promote US interests abroad, President Eisenhower formed the United States Information Agency. It became the world's largest Public Relations agency and set goals of explaining and advocating United States policies. Other goals included helping American citizens and corporations meet and connect with their European counterparts

What is a bloc?

A bloc is a group of voters or countries acting or voting together to achieve common goals.

What were the goals of the Open Door Policy and Dollar Diplomacy?

The common goal of both the Open Door Policy and Dollar Diplomacy was protecting economic interests.

What where the causes of the US involvement in the middle east?

The united states of america have fundemental interests in the middle east such as arabian oil,maintaning israel security,fighting so-called terrorism,trade enterances as well as the fear stablish of caliphate state which is not good for the united states of nowadays is trying to beatufy its face after two wars on two muslim countries,since us is willing to eastablish democratic states in region which meet its goals and interests.

What does community mean?

Community is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. It also means a feeling of fellowship with others as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

What were the goals of populists?

The goals of the populist party were all focused around the interests of the people, especially the farmers.

What were goals of the populist party?

The goals of the populist party were all focused around the interests of the people, especially the farmers.

What do state societies of CPAs do?

Such societies provide CPAs with common interests and goals a wide range of professional activities. The societies are also avenues for members to become leaders in their profession.

How many goals has flectcher scored for united?

17 goals in all his 197 appearances for United.