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Q: What is a type of one-hand pass in volleyball?
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Pass in volleyball?


What is the pass in volleyball?

A Bump.

Are there any current world records for volleyball?

480 volleyball pass

What does a back player do in volleyball?


What is the did past in volleyball?

a long pass

What type of hit should you receive an incoming serve with in volleyball?

You should hit it with an underhand pass, otherwise known as a bump.

In volleyball is the bump also known as a backhand pass?

No, forearm pass.

In volleyball is the bump aslo called the backhand pass?

the forearm pass.

Can a foot be used to pass the volleyball?

No, it cannot

Videos on volleyball?

Go to and type in any type of volleyball video, or go to google, and search volleyball videos.

What are the vollyball pases cald?

in volleyball a pass is called a bump or just a pass.

Where can I get answers to find out about volleyball?

go on the internet and type in what is volleyball.