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A turnover is the loss of possesion without the use of a punt, a score, or four tries at a first down. This comes in the form of an interception, where the ball is thrown and a defensive player gains possesion of the football. Also this comes in the form of a fumble, where the offensive player in possesion of the football loses control of the football and the defense recovers the ball.

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Q: What is a turnover in football?
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What is a turnover in touch footy?

a turnover in touch football is when the other team gets the ball

What are 3 ways a turnover can occur on a football field?

Interception, fumble, or turnover on downs.

What football clubs have the biggest turnover?

west bromwich albion

Most turnover in one college football game?


How many downs do you get before a turnover?

In American football? Four

Which football club has the biggest turnover financially in the world?

Spain's Real Madrid remained the world's richest football club after reporting a 263-million-pound turnover for 2006-7.

In football why does the defense yell oskey when there is a turnover?

It is to inform the defensive players that a turnover has been made and to instruct them to go into blocking mode.

A change of possession of the football can be called a?

A change of possession is called a Turnover.

What is it calledwhen a football team loses possession of the ball due to a misplay?


Is a safety a turnover in football?

Yes, because you have to punt the ball to the other team, and they get 2 points.

What does a NFL kicker do?

they kick the football in the case of a kickoff, punt, turnover or field goal kick.

What is turnover and its types football?

Turnover: when a team with the football loses possession of it, and the ball is picked up by the opposing team, you have a turnover.Types of turnovers:Interception - a pass that is caught by the defender instead of the intended receiverFumble - when a player drops or gets the ball knocked out of their hands and the opposing team recovers

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