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The weapon used for training in the Fencing duel era was called the foil (fleur). It is still used as one of the 3 weapons for fencing today, although it has never historically been a real weapon used for combat.

There isn't a training sword in fencing. Originally the foil (see above) before the sport fencing - like we know it now - exsisted. Now you choose a weapon (like the foil) and train with that. So in fencing there is no training sword.

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Q: What is a training sword called in fencing?
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What is a Narrow sword?

The Renaissance fencing sword was a narrowed bladed sword called a 'Rapier'.

Is there such a sport called pro sword fighting?

No. its called fencing.

Who made up fencing?

Fencing essentially began with the creation of the sword. Since then, the use of the sword in a battle between two people can generally be called fencing.

How many different use's are there for a fencing sword?

A fencing sword should only be used for the sport that it was made for- fencing.

What is sword fencing?

Sword fencing is the art of using a sword against an opponent, someone who also carries a sword. It is a sport, and the United States Fencing Association has over 20,000 members.

Why is it called fencing instead of sword-fighting?

'Fencing' comes from the word 'fence', which comes from the word 'defendo', which in Latin, means 'to protect'.

What do you call the sword of fencing?

The three categories of fencing are:SabreEpeeFoil

What is the name of a Fencing sword?

A foil, an epee, or a Sabre (there is more than one type of fencing sword.

Japanese form of fencing?

Japanese technique of swordsmanship is called Kenjutsu, which literally means "fencing" ("ken" stands for sword and "jutsu" is technique or art). Modernly "Japanese Fencing

What is the use of a sword called?

The use of a sword as a world wide sport is called fencing. This sport is featured in the modern Olympic games and has originated in African continent.

Synonym for fencing sword?


What type of sword is used in Olympics fencing?

There are three types of sword used in fencing, and all three are used in Olympic fencing. The types are: Sabre Epee Foil

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