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University of Oregon.

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Q: What is a track college Not like a sports college as in track and field?
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What sports are held at the Olympic games?

A lot of field and track sports are held, like swimming, basketball , football, hockey.And so on.

What sport do greek people like?

I know is that they held onto a rope which was tied to a big heavy golden frizbie of a thing and swung it around alot, then let it go, and would see wh's went the farthest. a joke is that they say the prince swung it and it made the famous collosium brake like it is now.

Why would cheetahs be a good mascot?

Because if your sports team is like a track and field team, then it would be fitting for the fastest land animal to be your mascot.

Spear like equipment in track and field?


Why is track and field in the Olympics compulsory?

Hello?! Track and field is like the oldest sport in practically the whole world! It was what started the Olympics in the first place. If it wasn't for track and field, then there wouldn't be any Olympics!

How does sport participation affect sporting performance?

In a basic sense, the less you practice, the worse you will perform. This is especially prevalent in running sports, like Track & Field or Cross Country.

Can Osgood-Schlatter kill you?

no Osgood-Schlatter can not kill you in eventually goes away as you grow into an adult because it is found in children who are in puberty and is involved in sports including the knee like track/field or any running related sports.