What is a testicular guard?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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A hard piece of protective equipment (also called a groin guard or simply a 'box') used by cricket batsmen when batting to protect the groin area.
Commonly known as a box placed in a strap in abdobinal area

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Q: What is a testicular guard?
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Can microwaves give testicular cancer?

no it cannot give testicular cancer

What connection does testicular cancer have to heredity?

Family history of testicular cancer.

What is testicular histopathology?

Testicular histopathology is a microscopic examination of the tissue of the testicle to look for disease.

What is the purpose of testicular self-examination?

Most testicular cancers are first noticed by the man himself.

How often should testicular exam be done?

a testicular exam should be done once a month

What kills the most men between the ages of 15 and 35?

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What is a testicular self-examination?

A testicular self-examination (TSE) is the procedure by which a man checks the appearance and consistency of his testes.

When was the first testicular guard used in hockey?

apparently in 1874,but i wouldn't like to admit that as the first helmet was only used in 1974,which ultimately means that it took us men 100 years to realise that our brain was just as important as our balls

What is the purpose of testicular surgery?

to reposition undescended testes (orchiopexy); to correct testicular torsion ; to treat testicular cancer, which may involve removal of the testicles (castration) or the testes (orchiectomy); to treat traumatic injuries of the testicles; and.

What is testicular varices and what causes it?

Testicular varices is the condition where there is compression if the venous drainage in the testicles. This is mainly caused by the nutcracker syndrome.