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There are 4 big tournaments in tennis and a bunch of smaller ones. These tournaments are known as SLAMS (Australian Open, Rolland Garros, Wimbledon, US Open). If you win all of them in a calendar year, you have completed the GRANDSLAM. Just like Baseball is four runs.

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Q: What is a tennis grandslam?
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How many grandslam in lawn tennis?


Which tennis athlete has won the grandslam titles?

john mc enroe

How many points are in a win tennis grandslam?

If Federer wins a grandslam he gets 9000 points. Other people will get around a 100 points.

Who has won the most tennis grandslam singles titles for men?

Andy Murray,

First Indian women tennis player who won grandslam?

Nirupama Vaidyanathan

Who was the first man to win tennis grand slam?

Don Budge (USA) is the first man to win tennis grandslam.

Who hit the infamous grandslam single?

who cares about tennis skateboarding is all the rage these days

Which british player recently won his first tennis grandslam singles title and also became the first male player of UK to win tennis open tournament?

Andy Murray. But he wasn't the first U.K. player to win a Grandslam.

Who has won most tennis grandslam championship titles men?

ROGER FEDERER (Switzerland) 16Grandslams

Which female tennis player has won the most number of singles grandslam championship?

Martina Navratilova

What chamionships are in the tennis grandslam?

There are 4 Grand Slams: The Austrailian Open The French Open Wimbledon The U.S. Open

Which is the only grandslam tennis tournament played on the red clay surface?

The French Open is played on a red clay surface.

What is grandslam?

The tennis Grand Slam means the winning of the 4 Major tennis events (Wimbledon, US Open, the French Open and the Australian Open) in one calendar year.

When was Grandslam Entertainment created?

Grandslam Entertainment was created in 1987.

Who is the youngest African American to win the Golf Grandslam?

No Golfer has ever won the Grandslam.

Who is the current tennis champion?

Not sure what you mean by tennis champion;Novak Djokovic is currently at number 1 and won the most recent grandslam (Australian Open 2013), but Andy Murray recently won the Sony open.

Who hit the first grandslam?

derek jeter

Who won the 12 grandslam?

lander paes

What do you have to hit the ball over to get four runs?


Which grandslam tennis event is worth the most points?

I believe they all count for the same amount of points - 200 ATP ranking points and 2000 overall points for the South African Airlines Ranking system.

How many rbi does a batter get for hitting 1 grandslam?


Who is the newly crowned champion of Wimbledon tennis championship in men?

Roger Federer of Switzerland.With this title he has surpassed Pete Sampras' record for the most number of grand slam tiles.Federer has 15 grandslam titles to his name now.

Whose first grandslam title was at Wimbledon in 2004?

Maria Sharapova

How many sets to plays in men's tennis olympic final?

In the final it is the best of 5 sets for the men like in a grandslam unlike the rest of the Olympic competition which is the best of 3 set just like any ATP tour event

How many ATP points does one get for reaching Semifinals of a Grandslam?

750 points