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An information sheet or bulletin, or a report circulated periodically to a special interest group.

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Q: What is a synonym for the word newsletter?
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What are the synonym of newsletter?

Bulletin, digest, newssheet, communication

Is the word Newsletter or News Letter?

Newsletter, one word.

What is the French word for the English word 'newsletter'?

In French it is the same word NEWSLETTER.

What is sanskrit word for newsletter?

The Sanskrit word for newsletter is "वार्तापत्रम्" (vārtāpatram).

Is newsletter one word or two word?

newsletter is a compound word

Is newsletter one word or two words?

Newsletter is usually written as a single word.

Another word for newsletter?

An information sheet is another word for the word newsletter. Other words that mean the same as a newsletter are bulletin and circular.

What is the word 'newsletter' when translated from English to Japanese?

'Newsletter' in Japanese isニュースレター (nyuusuretaa).

What is a synonym of a synonym?


Other word that means newsletter?

One such word is bulletin.

What is a synonym for verbatim?

"Word for word" is a synonym for verbatim.

How does one produce a newsletter?

One can use Microsoft Word to create a newsletter. Word needs to be opened, a new document chose, and Executive Newsletter selected. The page can then be edited to the person's specific needs, and then saved.