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There is a play in Baseball known as the 'suicide squeeze'. It is a high risk play done in an attempt to score a run and is usually seen only when the score is tied or there is a one or two run difference.

The situation where a suicide squeeze may be attempted is when there is a runner on third base and less than two outs. When the pitcher throws to the batter, the runner on third starts for home and the batter turns and makes an attempt to bunt the ball. If the batter misses the bunt attempt, the catcher will be in possession of the ball and the runner coming home from third will be tagged out. If the batter makes a successful bunt but the ball goes in the air and is caught by a fielder, it will be a double play as the runner will be doubled off of third base. However, if the batter makes a successful bunt on the ground the runner coming home from third will score.

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Q: What is a suicide play in baseball?
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