What is a sturdy bike?

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by sturdy if you mean durable,any bike $300+ will probably last a couple years(depending on how hard you ride).

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Q: What is a sturdy bike?
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What are the best type of bike stands that can support bikes?

New kick stands for bikes can be purchased at most bike stores. They are universal stands that can be attached to most bike models and are sturdy as well as reliable.

What sentence to use for helmet?

While I was on my bike I painfully fell off of it although luckily I was wearing my sturdy helmet.

How durable and sturdy are Van's shoes?

Van's shoes are quite sturdy and durable since they were originally designed to withstand the heavy use of skateboarding and bike-riding professionals who are known for treating their shoes roughly.

What is the best bike to buy Sturdy Reliable -race?

Race bikes are rarely sturdy, as race bikes usually need to be light. Apart from that there's no single answer to that, as there's too much personal preference involved in picking a best bike. Might as well ask for the best band, pizza or soda.

How can you attach a wheel chair to a bike?

Sneak a look at how bike trailers are attached, and copy that. Keep in mind that bike trailers usually carry less weight than a wheelchair, so make sure that your rig is sturdy enough, and keep the speed down.

Are mongoose bikes sold at a reasonable price?

yes i have a mongoose and im involved in racing and freestyle bmx and i got it for 150 and its a very sturdy bike

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more sturdy

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