What is a straight kick?

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A Straight Kick is when you kick a ball & it goes straight. and it is where you kick a ball and it goes straight to where you need it to go.

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Q: What is a straight kick?
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The ball goes straight into the net from a throw in is it corner or a goal kick?

If the thrower was an attacker, then it is a goal kick. If the thrower was a defender, then it is a corner kick.

How do you do a butterfly kick?

to do a butterfly kick, you have your legs straight out behind you, and you simply move them up and down in a mermaid-like fashion.

Why do you need coordination in football?

so footballers can kick a ball straight

What shapes can a soccer ball make as it is kicked?

what do you mean? it depends the way you kick it. Most of the time it's kicked in a straight line and other times, it's kicked in a curved shape or parabola, because you're not capable to kick it straight.

What is the best angle to kick a soccer ball?

Well many people would just like to kick straight on, but if you had to chose a angle you would probably be best shooting from the left. People have more room, more shooting space, and could maybe bend the ball, but that is just my opinion :) It depends what you want to do, if you want to bend it to the left or right or just a straight power shot with no curve. But you defintiely have to kick it your your angle to bend to your side. and to bend to the oppsite you have to kick the ball on the left side but straight

How do you get the ball to lift and go far in a goalkick?

Swing your leg and kick it up but straight.

What is a driven free kick?

It means the ball was hit (kicked) hard and straight forward.

What part of your foot do you use to kick a soccer ball?

it depends, how do u want to kick it? you could curve it with the inside of your foot. If you would rather have it hard and straight you would have to kick it with your laces meaning with the middle of your foot but not your toe

Can a giraffe kick a lions head off?

Yes, it is true, a giraffe can in fact kick a lions head straight off his body., dont ask how it just happens

How do you put topspin on a free kick?

Keep your foot straight, and when you make contact be in an upward motion.

What does the center of gravity have to do with soccer?

You have to have good balance to be able to kick the ball right and aim straight.

What is the tornado kick?

The tornado kick is a two part kick. The first kick is a crescent kick in the shape of a C with your right leg so that you hit the opponent's face. Your foot comes down in front of you and you turn around in a jump to your left with your left leg coming around halfway up. As you turn around, kick your right leg out in a crescent kick.Make sure that you are kicking straight forward and not to the side with the second crescent kick.

A kick that goes straight into the goal and counts as a point is called what?

it is called a goal. "He just scored a goal"

What invention did people use before the stove was invented?

A Road House kick straight to the meat and veggies!

How do you check the oil in a 2002 Dyna lowrider standing stright up or on kick stand?

straight up

What is development of kick?

In football, kickers used to straight-on kick the football with their toe. The method proved very inconsistent. In the latter part of the 1900's, kickers began kicking soccer-style. Soccer-style kicking is more consistent, powerful, and accurate than straight-on kicking.

What is the signal for an indirect free kick?

Play will be stopped, usually with a whistle. The referee will immediately indicate a direction with his arm extended up at a 45 degree angle. Once the ball is placed, the referee will then hold his arm straight up until the ball leaves the field of play or another player touches it after the kick. A direct free kick will omit the "arm straight up" part.

How do you ask a guy out if your a guy?

Same way you'd ask a girl out. But if that guy is straight, get ready for a kick in the balls.

How do you teach your friend a lesson?

kick his butt yo.... one butt kickin will set his mind straight i guarantee it.

How do you kick a high kick?

In order to kick high in karate you must first stretch your hamstrings. If you can touch your toes and do the splits. For me i always practice everyday and now i can kick over my head in a straight line. Don't stretch out too much. Then start by kicking waist level any kid of kick. Next try to kick higher head level if you can kick over your head then just keep practicing then your will get the hang of it. Always remember don't just kick,kick with power and speed. Whatever kick it is a front kick,round,side,twist,cresent,with the front or back leg. Also you always have to practice with both legs. Practice makes perfect

If the ball goes straight into the net from a throw in is it corner or a goalkick?

That would depend who took the throw-in. If the throw-in was by the attacking team, then the restart is a goal kick. If the throw-in was by the defending team, then the restart is a corner kick.

If you're gay can your parents legally kick you out of the house in NJ?

Legally, your parents cannot kick you out of the house if you are under 18, no matter what state you live in, whether you are gay or straight. But it happens all the time anyway.

How do you tell your cousin to kick you in the testes?

Just tell them straight out. Why you would want them to do so is really weird, but if you tell them straight out then they probably might. This really depends on why though. Or you can just touch them inappropriately and they will do it automatically.

How is air resistance important in soccer?

Well, this is not a perfect world and when playing soccer and kick the ball straight to the goalie or a teammate I doubt it will go straight. That is because of air resistance formed between the ball and air around it. The strength of the air resistance depend on both how high you kick the ball, the mass of the ball, and the speed of the ball.

Can you kick in normal boxing?

"yes it is boxing" No, this answer is massively incorrect - you CANNOT kick in normal boxing (specifically the Marquis of Queensbury style). However, there were kicks (akin to straight push kick) and throws ("cross buttock" akin to a hip-throw) in bareknuckle boxing in earlier centuries