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A stove. Hopefully, a gimballed stove!

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Q: What is a stove called on a ship?
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When did Benjamin Franklin reinvent the Franklin stove?

The stove we call the Franklin stove was invented by Franklin in 1742 and was called the Pennsylvania stove by Franklin. The Franklin stove is just modern interpretation of that stove.

What is the floor protector called that goes under a wood stove?

The protector is referred to as a Stove Board.

Who was the first American to build a stove for cooking?

One of the first Americans to build a stove for cooking was Ben Franklin. An earlier model of this type of stove was invented in France by Francois Cuvills in 1735. This was called a Castrol Stove. The wood stoves with fancy trim and shelves was made later and called the Rayburn Stove.

Why is a ship called she?

A ship called she because a ship is always WET

What are names for the back and front of a ship?

The " front "or forward part of a ship is called the bow the "back" or aft part of a ship is called the sternThe front of a ship is called the 'bow' or the 'prow'. The back of a ship is called the 'stern'.

Who wrote Stove by a Whale the Sinking of the Whale Ship Essex?

Owen Chase, the Essex' first mate.

What is carpenter called on a ship?

He is called the 'Ship's carpenter'

What is the front of a ship called?

The front of a ship is called the bow or the prow.

The northern ironclad ship was called this?

The Confederate ship was called the Merrimack and the Union ship was called the Monitor.

What is a farmhouse cooker called?

A stove.

Who invented the kerosene stove?

The kerosene stove was invented by a factory mechanic in Stockholm, Sweden by the name of Frans Wilhelm Lindqvist. When it was developed, it was originally called a Primus Stove, and was modeled after the blowtorch. He developed the stove in 1892.

What is a ship with A left side called?

It is called a "ship", a ship has both left and right sides.

What is rockhoppers ship called?

his ship is called the MR. migrator

What is a ship steerers called?

Ship steerers are called helms.

What is it called when you give a ship a name?

It is called "christening" the ship. When a ship is named, it is "christened."

Is there a ship called The Olympic?

There was a ship called the Olympic. She was the sister ship of the Titanic. She ran from 1911 to 1935.

What is a ship jail called?

A jail cell on a ship is called a brig.

What is the blue Peter ship called?

The ship is called Blue Peter

Name of bottom of ship called?

the bottom of a ship is called the Keel.

What is a spanish ship called?

A Spanish trade ship was called a Galleon

What was the type of ship the Portuguese invented called?

The ship was called astrolabe.

Why was Titanic named the wonder ship Titanic?

It wasn't called the wonder ship titanic it is called the ship of dreams

What is the ship's bottom called?

The lowermost part of a ship - the part of the ship that is submerged under water - is called the hull.

What is the type of toy called where you put it on a stove and the heat moves it around in circles?

There isn't a toy that you put on a stove that moves around in circles. However, this is part of a wooden stove, and it is a heating attachment. It is used to check where the hottest parts of the stove are.

What are the rooms on a ship called?

Rooms on a ship are called cabins and suites; floors are called decks.