What is a stanchion?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Stanchions are used for many different purposes including crowd control & waiting lines. Many different places use stanchions including banks, restaurants, trade shows and many different other events.

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It is a post or pole of some sort that usually provides support for another object.

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Q: What is a stanchion?
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What are ship's posts called?

The proper term for a post on a ship is a "Stanchion".

What is a stanchion typically used for?

Stanchion is a type of post that provides support for structures or objects and keep them upright. They can be seen holding up car head rests, holding up goal posts in soccer or on bicycles.

What are ropes attached to in a theater when you're waiting in line?

The velvet rope is hooked onto something called a stanchion.

What is a cattle stanchion?

A stanchion is used to hold a cow still while giving her shots, oral medicines, simple medical procedures, or milking. There are different types for different purposes. A simple head gate is usually used for milking while a full body squeeze chute is used for medical treatments and procedures.

Is there a telephone pole at the US base in Antarctica?

The telephone pole may exist as a light stanchion. There are no land-line telephones in Antarctica, even on the US bases.

Where are stantions commonly used?

Stanchions are commonly used to hold things up or support them. One can find them as part of the goal posts on a soccer field for example and commentators sometimes refer to a player 'hitting the stanchion' with a shot.

Where could one obtain crowd control barriers?

One could obtain crowd control barriers from a few places, such Stanchion Depot's website and Sonco Barricades website. FS Industries also offers crowd control barricades.

How do you unfold nordic track treadmills?

1. fold down chest pad 2. extend arm exerciser beam 3. remove stanchion (upright post thingie) lock pin 4. fold down stanchion into the stowed position 5. push in the spring loaded release plinger and fold arm exerciser down into the stowed position. 6. That's it!

What is another name for roof beam?

You may be looking for rafter, column, joist, truss, strut, piling, stringer, stud, boom, brace, girder, jamb, lintel, pile, pillar, spar, stanchion.

What is a synonym for buttress?

"Buttress" as a verb can mean strengthen, reinforce, fortify, support, bolster, underpin, cement, uphold, defend, sustain "Buttress" as a noun can mean prop, support, abutment, brace, shore, pier, reinforcement, stanchion, safeguard, defense, protection, guard, support, bulwark If you answer "support," you've got it covered either way.

What are queuing stanchions?

A stanchion is an upright bar or post, used to support or guide something. Queuing stanchions are a type of devices for guiding and directing the flow of a queue (people waiting in line). The most common type of queuing stanchions are movable posts with some type rope (source of the term 'behind the velvet rope'), band, or chain connecting them.

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