What is a staggered start?

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Q: What is a staggered start?
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What is staggered start?

a staggered stat is when some one cheahing fits

What is it called when the outside lane gets a head start from the inside lane in a relay race?

A staggered start.

What is a staggered start in track and field?

A staggered start is used for races run in lanes with at least one bend. The stagger compensates for the extra distance that would be travelled by athletes in outside lanes compared to the inside lane.

What is a sentence with the word staggered?

I bumped my forehead on the wall and staggered to get to my room.

Why start lines in a 400 meter race staggered?

The start lines are staggered so as to make sure everyone runs the same distance, due to the track being round it would not be an equal difference for everyone without the staggering.

Where is the Starting for 800 meters in track?

The start for the 800m is a staggered start with lane 1 starting at the common finish line.

How do you use the word staggered in a sentence?

The drunk staggered out of the bar. He was staggered by the revelations about his uncle. Roadblocks set up at staggered intervals help to prevent car bombings.

When did Staggered Crossing end?

Staggered Crossing ended in 2007.

When was Staggered Crossing created?

Staggered Crossing was created in 1997.

What is a good sentence using staggered?

The wounded deer staggered on the path.

What is the connotation of being staggered?

Being staggered is when a line of something is not straight.

What is a sentence using the word staggered?

These racers' starts must be staggered.

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