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In soccer, a "soft" red card is a term used to describe a red card that was received for an offense that the speaker did not believe merited it.

It has another, very specific meaning in U.S. High School soccer. In the modified rule set of high school soccer a red/yellow combination may be shown to a player to indicate that the player is being disqualified but may be replaced.

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Q: What is a soft red card?
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What are the differences between a soft red card and a hard red card?

In the FIFA Laws of the Game, there is no such thing as a "soft" or "hard" red card. Many observers will use these terms to describe a clear offense (hard) versus a questionable offense (soft) in order to communicate their disagreement with the referee's decision. In NFHS (U.S. High School) rules there is no mention of "soft red" exactly. For certain offenses, the punishment is a disqualification (send off) of a player but where a team-mate may replace the player. This is signaled by showing a red and yellow card simultaneously. Players, coaches, spectators, and referees all colloquially call this a "soft" red.

What does a Soccer soft red card mean?

I take it you mean where the commentator has said "for me, that's a soft red card". This basically means the referee has been especially harsh on the player, maybe the challenge or offence only warranted a yellow.

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According to the Laws of the Game, no. A player receiving his second caution of the match will be shown the yellow card, immediately followed by the red card. Some leagues, including many high school and other youth leagues, have a so-called "soft red" card, in which the referee does hold up the red and yellow cards at the same time with the same hand. A "soft red" means that the player is sent off, but may be substituted (at the cost of one of the team's allowed substitutions for the game). It is important to note that "soft red" cards do not exist in any sort of professional soccer.

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