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Q: What is a soccer ball made out of?
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Is a soccer ball the same as a kickball?

No, because a soccer ball is a hard ball. A kickball is much bigger and softer. Soccer ball is made for soccer. Kickball is made for kickball.

What element is a soccer ball made of?

Soccer balls are not made of a single element.

Is a soccer ball a tessellation?

A soccer ball is not a tesselation because it is made of hexagons that do not connect and it is a ball. therefore it is not a tesselation

How is a soccer ball made?

ANSWER made out of rubber and sometimes leather....Chinese made soccer balls

Who made the soccer ball?

jozza ruk

When was the first soccer ball made?


Is a soccer ball made of atoms?


When did they invent the soccer ball?

the chinnese discoverd the ball and it was made of wood

Where was the first soccer ball?

it come on in china how big the soccer ball was 5cm made by clohing played with no shoes

What was a soccer ball made of in ancient times?

There were no soccer balls in ancient times.

How was the first soccer ball made off?


What material is a soccer ball made out of?

skin of pig

When was the stuffed leather soccer ball made?


When was the American soccer ball made?

it was made in 1623 by duch kids but thet called them foot ball

Why isn't soccer called soccer ball?

It isn't called soccer ball because the soccer ball is the ball you use in soccer. See? I have actually heard people call it soccer and soccer ball.

How many panels around the soccer ball?

A Soccer ball has 32 panels, made up of 12 Pentagons and 20 Hexagons.

What is Gaelic football made of?

A Gaelic Football ball is a leather ball, similar to the ball used in soccer.

If you have a soccer goal made with rocks how do you know if the ball was too high to be goal?

If you have a soccer goal made with rocks, you can know if the ball was too high to be a goal when the ball is way above the goal keeper.

Where is world cup soccer ball made?

It is made by Addidas , bladders in India.

Who made the very first soccer ball?

Charles goodyear

What is a glider soccer ball?

It's a Football made by ADIDAS

What was a soccer ball made of when the sport had just started?


How many leather panels dose a soccer ball have?

Well it depends on the soccer ball, what size it is and what company made it but most have about 6-7!

What is the power of the soccer ball?

What is the power of the soccer ball

How does a soccer ball work?

the soccer ball is full of air all you have to do is kick the soccer ball and it rolls