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a pitch that a pitcher throws

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Q: What is a slider in baseball?
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How do you throw a slider baseball?

A slider is thrown like a curve ball just much faster.

How do you throw a slider in baseball?

A slider is thrown like a curve ball just much faster.

Who invented the Slider baseball pitch?

George uhle

What is the mascot for the Cleveland Indians baseball team?


Who invented the baseball pitch called a slider?

George Uhle

Slider sacrfice fly and RBI are terms used in which sport?


As a pitch what is a slider?

A slider is a baseball pitch that breaks, or moves sideways and/or downward as it approaches the catcher. It is harder to catch and hit, and is often used to confuse batters.

What kind of pitch is a slider?

A slider is a pitch in baseball that breaks laterally and down. It is not thrown at the velocity that a fastball is thrown at, but its velocity is faster than a curve ball. The break on a slider is not as big as a curve ball. The slider is similar to a cut fastball, but will break more than a cut fastball.

In baseball what is the difference between a slider and a curveball?

The main difference between a slider and curveball is the way that they move. Imagine your throwing a slider at a clock. It would go from 3 to 9. However, if you were to throw a curveball at a clock it would go from about 1:30 to 7:30.

Which is rarer a yellow bellied slider or a red ear slider?

yellow bellied slider

What are slider shorts used for?

In baseball? Theyvgive more padding and don't allow underwear to ride up

What makes the slider a good baseball pitch?

The slider is a good pitch to have as the batter sees the ball as a fastball but at the last moment the slider drops in front of home plate. Most batters can spot a curve ball by its spin or the pitching motion of the pitcher. The slider looks exactly like a fastball due to its speed and spin. A slider is thrown by grasping the ball with the index finger and middle finger not in the center of the ball, but off a bit to the right.

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