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This describes a pool table that has a playing surface of slate, covered by the cloth of coourse.

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Q: What is a slate pool table?
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What is a slate bed pool table?

The playing surface of a good quality snooker table has a bed of slate so it is called a slate bed pool table.

How do you make slate for a pool table?

You cannot make the slate for the pool table. It is cut and milled for the table, and then the table manufacturer fixes a wooden frame to the slate and fits it to the table frame. Then the holes are drilled to anchor it to the table.

Should a pool table be slate?

Yes. To be a regulation table it must be slate. To be sure you have a consistent playing surface that is similar to that of a regulation table, it must be slate. A pool table can have a different surface but it should not be expected to be idenitical in play as a slate table.

What is pool table slate?

This is the large main surface of a pool table. Slate is a stone, so it can be cut extremely flat and does not warp.

Is a non slate table considered a pool table?

Yes, slate is not necessary, but the level of play may not equal to even a cheap slate table.

How much does a 7 foot slate pool table weight?

what it the average weight of a 7 foot slate pool table

How much is pool table slate worth?

This would be around $100 for any 1 inch slate set. Used pool table slate has very little value. It can only be used on a table designed for slate and slate doesn't "go bad". Therefore, there is no market to sell used pool table slate. The potential buyer would be the small retailer, who could then replace slate damaged in handling - and it would be necessary to have a full set of matched pieces to sell it.

What is a 75 slate core play bed on pool table?

This is a fancy name used to sell a 3/4 inch synthetic pool table surface that has enough slate inside of it so that they can say the word slate legally. This type of surface is not similar to a true slate pool table and will not provide a level playing surface over time.

What pattern is Gandy pool table slate?

A 9 foot Gandy pool table uses a fine finished 3 piece slate. There is no pattern specific to Gandy.

How do you fuse the slate together on a pool table?

The pool table slate is not fused together. The most common material for filling the seams is beeswax. Each piece of slate is attached to the table foundation by use of screws. From the surface, this gives the appearance of being fused.

Where can you get slate for a billiards table?

Most pool table slate comes from Italy and is cut and milled there for pool table use. From there, it is finished at the pool table manufacturer. To purchase new slate, you need to contact a pool manufacturer and convince them to sell you the slate. Because it is not an item they intned to sell, expect it to be very costly. In addition, you will most likely be responsible for drilling the slate yourself. A better option may be to look around for a used pool table that has the slate in excellent condition. This can be found in yard and garage sales, newspaper ads, Craig's List, and eBay. This most likely will be much cheaper than buying new slate.

What is the difference between a slate and a non slate pool table?

The first difference is cost, as slate tables cost more. The second difference is weight, as a slate table weighs more than non-slate. The third difference is "playability". A non-slate table and a slate table that has less than one inch slate will not provide the same tolerances and ball reactions as compared to a quality one inch slate table. This third item is the reason all regulation pool tables are required to have one inch slate.

How high do you hang a pool table light over the pool table?

30 inches above the slate bed.

Who buys slabs of slate from pool table?

The slate has no resale value for pool tables, except to someone who has badly damaged slate (from dropping it, etc.). Most landscapers use slate regularly and are equipped to handle it. If it cannot be sold as replacement pool table slate (it must be in excellent condition of course and a matched set), the major landscaper is the best customer.

What is weight of 7 ft slate pool table?

This can be from about 360 to 500 pounds. The 7 foot table may be 3/4 inch slate or 1 inch slate, and table construction will affect the weight of the table.

Can you buy just the slate for a pool table?

It would be very expensive to purchase just the sate, but yes, you can buy just the slate. A cheaper way to get the slate is to buy a used table and simply throw away the table except for the slate.

How can you tell if your pool table has a slate bed?

If you go underneath the table, you will be able to see the slate surface. The slate may also be visible at the side pockets if you examine carefully.

When moving a 3 piece slate pool table should the slate be stood on edge or laid down?


Where can one purchase a Slate pool table?

The playing surface of a slate pool table will give the best and truest playing surface and will not deteriorate over time, whereas an MDF base may warp slightly. Slate pool tables can be sourced at many sports shops or from specialist stores such as Home Leisure Direct.

How much does a pool table weigh?

Usually a pool table weighs around 500-1000 pounds, depending on the length, type of wood and slate used.

How do you level a pool table?

There are multiple steps to leveling a pool table. The first step is leveling the table structure, which can be done as the table is put together and should only require minor adjust of each leg. Then, after installing the slate, shims are used underneath the slate to complete the leveling.

What are the advantages of a slate bed pool table?

The major advantage of a slate bed pool table is that it provides a more true and even run of the balls. On other surfaces the balls are more likely to deviate from straight lines. Slate tables will also allow the balls to react better to spin.

What is the weight of a slate pool table?

A lot! Anywhere from about 700 - 1000 lbs.

Can a mizerak pool table be re felted?

Yes, there is no difference between the Mizerak pool table and other slate pool tables. It is expected to get new felt due to normal wear.

Is slate board better than regular slate for pool tables?

No. The best slate for a pool table is recognized as fine milled Italian slate. Any material other than slate may not meet regulations for deflection and surface quality. The finest tables generally use 1 1/2 inch Italian slate.