What is a simple sport?

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Q: What is a simple sport?
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Is Diabolo A Sport?

No. Simple As That No. Simple As That

What is the simple subject of this sentence 'The sport of wake boarding is becoming very popular'?

Sport is the simple subject.

What is the simple subject and the complete subject in this sentencce one popular American sport is almost 100 years old?

Simple subject: sport Complete subject: One popular American sport

Is horseridding a sport?

The simple answer is... YES! :)

Tennis is an exciting sport to watch on television where is the simple subject?

The simple subject in that sentence would be tennis.

Why is baseball Japan's biggest sport?

Simple, they love baseball.

Give simple meaning to the term sports?

the simple meaning to the term sport is just being active in a physical way

What is the simple predicate in the sentence baseball is one of Americas favorite sports?

what is the simple predicate in baseball is americas favorite sport

Is an iceskate a simple machine?

no iceskating is a sport or if u r asking if an iceskate boot is a machine it is not it is a boot that uyou use in the sport iceskating

What simple sport is perform in water?

Volleyball in a pool - great fun.

What is the simple subject in sentence basketball is an important sport in the US?


Where can you get sport badge for Honda civic 2004?

Ebay...plain and simple.

What is the rules of the sport arnis?

simple lang di ko alam..................................................

How did soccer become famous?

Soccer became famous by being a relatively simple sport and the convienence of having easy equipment to find. And anyway, its just the best sport around

Why are boys so bad at netball?

The simple answer is that they don't play it. To master a sport requires practise.

Can you play a sport with a pinched nerve in leg?

Plain and simple answer: no because your body will be in excutiating pain.

How do you get a football scholarship to the University of Notre Dame when your a kid?

get incredibly grades and do good at sport simple as that

Why do a bunch of purple flowers make a few white flowers?

Its called a sport and its a simple genetic variation.

Should sport be compulsory?

yes!! obesity is a major problem and this is a simple way to stop or at least slow it down.

Why is it important for teenagers to play sport?

So they don't get fat...simple as...and also it will help them when they're older to not get fat

If you are a surfer you may enjoy skateboarding for the sport is similar to surfing simple compound or compound-complex?


What does a football coach do?

I dont mean to affend you but do you even know what football is its a sport and do you play a sport well if you do it should have some one to teach you and get you better at it like in school a teacher teaches you its just like that but they get you to kick a ball its so simple.

In what sport is a hammer needed?

In the track and field sport called the hammer throw, we use a hammer. It is a 16 pound ball (8.8 pounds for women) on a four-foot handle. It's simple - throw it as far as you can. Wikipedia has a article, and a link is provided. Oh, and in the sport of rock climbing, we use a hammer to drive in our pitons.

What is the sport name that athletes perform a synchronized routine?

It depends, there are a few. All of them are pretty simple. Synchronized swimming Synchronized skating Synchronized diving

How does sleep affect the way you play sports?

Well, its pretty simple. Do you think you could play a sport very well if you are about to collapse from lack of sleep?