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Q: What is a signed print By Walter Keane No Dogs Allowed Worth?
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What is Walter keane no dogs allowed worth?


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How much is a autograph Walter Payton signed helmet worth?

It is worth between $7000 and $9000 depending on the quality of the autograph.

How much is a Walter Payton signed football worth?

800 -1000 dollars

Manchester united official fanzine 1994 signed by Eric cantona twice keane schmeichel giggs pallister and ince how much would this be roughly worth?

Its only worth about £2, if you send it to me I will give you £3 for it. let me know and we will do the deal.

Chicago Bears collector footballs?

I have a football signed by Walter Payton which a certain number were done and only a few with a signing with "Sweetness" Is it worth anything

What is the value of a 1984 Walter Payton upper deck rushing record card?

Well Signed Jerseys of him are worth it was like $2,000, and Walter Payton is dead so probably allot, mabie not as much as the autograph jerseys, but he doesn't have the record anymore, so i dont now, still worth allot.

How much is your will blackwell signed card worth?

How much is Will Blackwell worth without it signed

How much would a football signed by Roger Staubach Walter Peyton Mike Ditka Johnny Unitis Tony Dorsett and 2 more signatures I can't figure out be worth?

If the signatures are legit ir could be worth 1000 in mint condition

How much are red skelton plates numbered and signed worth?

how much is a red skelton plate worth that is signed

What is a signed Milt Pappas No Hit baseball worth?

how much is a signed milt pappas no hit baseball worth

What is a signed Herbert E Abrams print titled forsythia worth?

I have a signed print of forsythia, what is this print worth?