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a shutout is wear a goalie, makes every save in the game,

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Q: What is a shutout in NHL hits?
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What is the Worst Shutout in NHL history?

If by worst shutout you mean the biggest shutout, then it would be the 19-0 game won by the Edmonton Oilers against the Montreal Canadiens in the 1985-1986 season.

Has a goalie ever had an assist and a shutout in same NHL game?

Yes. Jose Theodore did it.

Who was the first NHL goalie to record a shutout?

Georges Vezina in the 1912-1913 season

Has there ever been a team in the nhl without a shutout all year and win the Stanley cup?


Does an NHL goalie earn a shutout in a regular season game after the overtime but before the shootout?


What NHL team has been shutout the most times in one season?

The Columbus Blue Jackets were shutout 16 times in the 2006-2007 season. They were even shutout twice by the Nashville Predators in just 6 days.

What is the biggest shutout in nhl playoff history?

in 1944 when the red wings beat the rangers 15-0

What is the highest scoring NHL shutout?

19-0 Edmonton Oilers 1985-1986 against Montreal Canadiens!

Who leads in Shutouts among Active goalies in the NHL?

Abviously Martin Brodeur leades in shutouts. Even though he was injured, he has had two shutouts already. His most recent shutout was his 100 career shutout.

What NHL goalie had the most games played in a single season without a shutout?

Jiri Crha played 54 games in the 1980-1981 season without recording a shutout, and has a total NHL streak (over multiple seasons) of 69 games. Eldon Reddick has the longest streak without a shutout (132 games) but never played more than 48 games in a single season.

Where can one find the NHL Top 10 Hits of the Week?

The NHL Top 10 Hits of the Week can be viewed on HockeyTube, YouTube, and Dailymotion. They can also be found on Yahoo Sports and the official NHL website.

Was Martin Brodeur's first game a shutout?

No. Martin Brodeur's first NHL game was against the Boston Bruins in the 1991-92 season. The Devils did win with the final score being 4-2, but it was not a shutout.

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