What is a shot put riddle?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: What is a shot put riddle?
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Backwards riddle if the answer is for cold cuts what's the riddle?


What riddle did Siddhartha need to answer?

The riddle of human suffering.

What is the answer to this riddle - What do you fill with empty hands?

The answer to this riddle is gloves. You put your empty hands into a pair of gloves.

What does a pig put on a rash riddle?


What is the riddle of the snark?

you put your left foot in

Is shot put expensive?

Put a shot in the put & mix it on ep!

Can you put a shot in a fruit or vegetable and eat it to be healthy?

if you put a shot in a fruit or vegetable and it will you have to get a shot

Who won the shot put in Beijing games?

Men's Shot Put: Tomasz Majewski Women's Shot Put: Valerie Vili

How do you write shot put distance?

like this "shot put distance"

How heavy is shot put for boys aged 15?

The sport is called the "Shot Put". The shot is 'put' as far from the contestant as possible. So the question is, "How heavy is the shot in the 'shot put event' for boys aged 15?" The answer is 12 pounds.

Who plays shot put?

Men and Women both can throw shot put.

Is long shot the UK name for shot put?

I'm British, I've never heard the shot put called long shot, I know it as shot put. 'Long shot' is an informal term meaning a distant chance, or a possible guess.