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That is the Baseball or softball fielding position between second and third base.

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In the game of baseball, a shortstop is the infield defensive player who stands between the second and third basemen.

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Q: What is a shortstop?
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What does a shortstop do in baseball?

Shortstop is a essential role in a baseball team. Without the shortstop the Left fielder would have a lot of running up to do. Another thing a shortstop does is help with double plays. Often the shortstop is the team captain. When the ball is hit to the right side of the field, the shortstop covers 2nd base. Often when a base runner tries to steal 2nd the shortstop covers.

What is a sentence for the words shortstop and caught?

The shortstop caught the ball. The pitcher caught the ball and threw it to the shortstop for the out.

Is shortstop a common noun?

Yes, shortstop is a common noun.

Who throws farther to firstbase shortstop or thirdbase?

shortstop throws farther

How do you use shortstop in a sentence?

The baseball player played shortstop in the game.

What number player on a baseball team is the shortstop?

The shortstop is number 6.

Who was the 1986 New York Mets shortstop?

Rafael Santana was the opening day shortstop and started 137 games at shortstop for the 1986 Mets.

Who played shortstop for the Texas Rangers in 2009?

Elvis Andrus was the main shortstop. However Omar Vizquel did see a little time at shortstop

How far is shortstop from home plate?

The distance from home base to shortstop is 100.62 feet if shortstop is standing directly between second and third base.

What does shortstop mean?

The shortstop is the baseball player between second and third base.

What position is shortstop?

Between 3rd baseman and scond base is where the shortstop plays.

When was Mike Burke - shortstop - born?

Mike Burke - shortstop - was born in 1854.

When was Mike Jacobs - shortstop - born?

Mike Jacobs - shortstop - was born in 1877.

When was Rudy Hernรกndez - shortstop - born?

Rudy Hernández - shortstop - was born in 1951.

Why is the shortstop position called shortstop?

Between 2nd and 3rd base is shortstop. It's called shortstop because you are stoping short between two bases! If you are reading this, I know it's really bad but I have no clue what the answer is so please do not criticize me😊

When was Ed Glenn - shortstop - born?

Ed Glenn - shortstop - was born in 1875-10.

When was Tom Carey - shortstop - born?

Tom Carey - shortstop - was born in 1846-03.

What is Derek jeter position in baseball?

ShortstopDerek Jeter is a Shortstop (SS) SHORTSTOP

Who did Derek Jeter replace in 1996 at shortstop?

Derek Jeter started the 1996 season as the Yankees starting shortstop. Tony Fernandez played shortstop for the Yankees in 1995.

Who is the best shortstop?

Troy Tulowitzki is the best shortstop ever

Who plays shortstop for Charlie Brown's baseball team?

Snoopy plays shortstop .

Who plays shortstop for Charlie Brown's baseball team?

Snoopy plays shortstop .

When was Luis Garcรญa - shortstop - born?

Luis García - shortstop - was born on 1975-05-20.

When did Charlie Miller - shortstop - die?

Charlie Miller - shortstop - died on 1972-04-23.

When was Charlie Miller - shortstop - born?

Charlie Miller - shortstop - was born on 1892-01-04.