What is a sear tripper in paintball?

Updated: 10/27/2022
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Some paintball markers such as the Tippmann A-5 use a metal "sear" that locks the bolt and hammer assembly in its charged or "cocked" position and won't activate unless the trigger is pulled, which discharges the marker. The tripper activates or "trips" (can be a solenoid if the trigger is electronic) the sear.

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Q: What is a sear tripper in paintball?
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What is a solenoid on a paintball gun?

The solenoid can refer to two things: The solenoid on electrically assisted sear tripper markers (like a Tippmann with electric trigger) the solenoid is an electro magnet that moves a long pole that trips the sear that fires the gun. A solenoid valve is an electronically controlled valve (like on a Smart parts ion, or any gun you don't have to cock) it uses electric current to open and close.

What is electronically shooting on paintball markers?

Either the sear for sear tripping electronic guns, or the actual valve itself, like in true Electro pneumatic guns.

How does an electric paintball marker work?

there are two main kinds of electrical markers: Sear trippers with electrical assist: normal mechanical gun setup, but instead of a physical link between the trigger and the sear, there is a switch, which is hooked up to a circuit board, which then uses a motor or solenoid to push the sear out from the bolt, sliding the bolt forward, opening the valve and starting the firing and re-cocking process process Full electric: There is a direct link from trigger switch to board to a solenoid valve (not to be confused with a sear tripping solenoid) that directly sends the air to the bolt and Paintball here are the animations: non electric assist sear tripper: Full electropneumati :

Why does your spyder sonix paintball gun never stay cocked?

Most likely the striker o-ring is broken or needs to be lubricated. It could also be that the sear is work, or the mainspring could be worn. Take it to a local paintball store to have it looked at.

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