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An Eagle.

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Q: What is a score of three on a par five called?
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What is called a score of three on a par five is called an?


In golf a score of three on a par five is called an what?


In Golf a score of three on a par five is called a what?

It is called an eagle; if you happened to get a 2 on a par 5 that's called an albatross!

What is a score of three on a par five?

An Eagle.

What is the name for a three under par score called on a par 4?

It is called a double eagle or a hole in one.

What exactly is a double eagle?

It is a golf term. It means to score three under par on a hole. If your par is four, you would have to get a hole in one to score a double eagle. If your par is five, you would score 2. This term is an outdated one, and is rarely used because it is rarely applicable.

What number represents a golf score of five strokes below par?


How many strokes would it take to a score a birdie on a par five golf hole?

Four (4) same as usual one under par

What score is 7 under par in golf?

Every hole has a par rating - usually 3, 4 or 5. One under means one less than this. So on a par 4 hole a score of 3 is one under par. This is called a birdie.

Has anyone shot five under par in golf?

Yes the PGA record for lowest score in one round is 13 under or a score of 59.

What is birdle used in golf?

A birdie is a golf score. Each hole has a par score. If you do it in one less it is called a birdie.

If a thirty three handicapper does not score on strokes sixteen-eighteen do you record your score as 2 or 3 over par?

If the player does not finish the hole, they must put down a ding, or simply score through the box. If the 33 handicapper does not score on SI holes 16-18 this would be 3 over par, 2 over par would get them one point etc.