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If you are playing ad. (advantage) then the point is treated as a "win by two" situation. The score at 40-40 is called as duce and the point is played. If the server wins the point the score is now Ad. In. If the returner wins the point it becomes Ad. Out. If the ad. point is played and the player with the advantage wins, then the game is awarded to that player. However, if the player with the advantage loses the point, it becomes duce again. This pattern is repeated until one player manages to win two points in a row.

If you are playing no ad. then the point is called 40-40 and is played as "sudden death". Depending on the situation, you may give the returner a choice of which side to return the serve on. This is not required but simply a kind gesture.

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Q: What is a score of 40-40 called?
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