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11 is the minimum to play.

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Q: What is a safe age for a child to get a paintball gun?
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Is a paintball gun dish washer safe?

No, do not expose your paintball gun to water.

What is the age legally for a paintball gun?

To purchase paintball guns and gear you must be 18.

What is a good age to get a paintball gun?

12 and up

Is paintball gear safe?

Paintball gear is what keeps you safe in paintball. The mask is the only truly crucial piece you need to play paintball (meaning you can walk onto a field without a gun, or tank or paint).

How Old do you have to be to shoot a paintball gun?

There is no real age set to shoot a paintball gun. You must be 10 to play and 18 to buy most paintball makers, air and balls.

What is the minimum age to own a paintball gun in Victoria?


What age is it legal to own a paintball gun in Oklahoma?


What is the best paintball gun for a ten year old?

Since the minimum age for paintball is 11, none.

What legal age to have paintball gun in Maine?

It depends on your meaning of "have". To purchase a paintball gun the legal age is 17. Though if you have an adult present, you may purchase one at any age. So in theory, a 2 year old could have a gun.

How old do you have to be to use a paintball gun?

the age your parent will let you get one most paintball fields have an age restriction, usually 10 and up

What is the age limit for paintball guns in Michigan?

If you are reffering to the age in which you can purchase a paintball gun, the average age is 17. Though with an adult present, a teen may purchase a marker. To play paintball, the average age is 12 years of age.

Can you paintball at the age of 9?

yes you can paintball at any age really as long as you can fire a gun properly with out hurting yourself and only if your parents let you.