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There is no such position in Baseball. The running back position is used in American football.

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There is no such thing as a position in baseball

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Q: What is a running back in baseball?
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What is a running back in football?

A running back is a position in football in which the ball is hiked to the running back and they then run the ball

What is the name of the person running with the football?

running back,half back,tail back,

Which of these is a player's position in baseball Left Guard Running Back Goalie Right Field?

Right Field

What is the abbreviation to running back?

The abbreviation for running back is RB. There are two types of running back ... halfback (HB) and fullback (FB).

What is a football running back?

A running back is the player on the offense of a football team who is usually running the ball.

What is an NFL running back career lifespan?

how long is a running back career

Is Barry Sanders a good running back?

Yes ... he was an excellent running back.

Where does the running back stand?

A full/running back stand behind the QB

When was Running Back to You created?

Running Back to You was created on 1991-07-18.

Is the two back the same as a running-back?

Yes the 2 back is usually the running back. The 1 back is usually the quarterback.

What is the difference between a full back and a running back?

Full backs are fat and running back are elesive

Who is the Cardinals' running back?

Edgerrin James is the starting running back for the 2007 season.

Who was the best running back?

Barry Sanders was the best running back known to the NFL.

Who will be the starting running back on the bills when lynch comes back?

Marshawn Lynch Is the starting running back for Buffalo

How much does a rookie running back get paid in the NFL?

It depends on which rookie running back you are talking about.

Who is the slowest running back in the NFL of 2010?

Either lendale white or running back for falcons

Which running back in SB XLV was a star running back at the university of Illinois?

marcus paytinn

When was Michael Smith - running back - born?

Michael Smith - running back - was born in 1988.

When was Bobby Watkins - running back - born?

Bobby Watkins - running back - was born in 1932.

When was Dave Smith - running back - born?

Dave Smith - running back - was born in 1947.

When was Jim Jensen - running back - born?

Jim Jensen - running back - was born in 1953.

What is the average running speed of a NFL running back?


What is a running back?

it is a person in football that runs running plays.....

Who is faster a baseball player or football player?

football players especially the running back like Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans

What is the average weight of an NFL running back?

average weight of an nfl running back is about 215 pounds