What is a rudimentary burrow?

Updated: 12/19/2022
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Q: What is a rudimentary burrow?
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How do you use the word rudimentary in a sentences?

It was a rudimentary method, but it was effective. It was a rudimentary understanding of the basis.

How do you use rudimentary in a sentence?

The ABC's are rudimentary :)

How is rudimentary used in a sentence?

You must understand rudimentary math before you tackle quadratic equations. (rudimentary = basic)

How can you use rudimentary in a sentence?

Tying your shoes can be quite rudimentary.

How would you use the word rudimentary?

She really liked the chair, but the finishing was rudimentary.

What is rudimentary disc?

A rudimentary disc is an underdeveloped disc in the vertebral column. Rudimentary discs can cause constant back pain or neck pain depending on the area of the disc.

What is theh difference between alimentary and rudimentary?

Alimentary is nutritious and rudimentary is basic. hope it helped :))

Is a burrow a synonym?

a burrow is a synonym

What is the antonym of burrow?

The antonym for the noun burrow (animal den or shelter) is not a burrow, no burrow. The antonym for verb burrow (to drill or dig a hole) is to fill or to fill in. The antonym for the verb burrow (to hide or to cover) is expose, reveal, uncover. The antonym for the verb burrow (to cuddle or to hold) is push away.

What is the birth name of Justin Burrow?

Justin Burrow's birth name is Justin Thompson Burrow.

Make a sentence with the word rudimentary?

Of or pertaining to rudiments; consisting in first principles; elementary; initial; as, rudimental essays., Very imperfectly developed; in an early stage of development; embryonic.

A sentence for the word burrow?

we entered in the rabbit's Burrow. The burrow was very big.