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Q: What is a rook card worth that is misprinted?
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Are misprinted instant Pennsylvania lottery tickets worth any money?

No misprinted instant tickets are not worth any money. The ticket will not be worth anything unless it has a winning match depending on the rules of the card.

What does RTO mean in the game rook?

The Rook is used only as the leading Trump card and can not be played at anytime.

Is a newer Mexican peso with a misprinted date of 1882 worth anything?

it's worth about 22.00

Is the 2003 one dollar misprinted bill worth anything?


Is a misprinted 2 dollar coin worth anything?

Misprinted coins can sometimes be worth more to collectors, but it ultimately depends on the specific nature of the misprint and the demand for such items. It's best to consult with a coin expert or collector to determine the potential value of your misprinted 2 dollar coin.

How much nidoran worth?

Unfortunately, the older nidorinas are not worth much as they were neither rare in 1996, nor are they rare now. Unless it is a misprinted card, first edition or shadowless, they are only worth about $1-3.

How much is a misprinted 1996 100 dollar bill worth it is printed all the way to the left side of the paper?

Misprinted currency can hold value to collectors, but the specific worth of a misprinted bill can vary. It is recommended to have the bill appraised by a professional to determine its exact value.

What is the value of a misprinted Joe Namath 1970 Topps Football card The image is and card is offset?

I have seen them go for about $30 at the lowest, $105 at best.

Can I get a refund or another card for my misprinted one?

If you have purchased a faulty birthday card return it to the proprietor for a refund or exchange. The business owner can return the product as a defect.

How much is the misprinted 50 dollar bill worth with an image of a dolphin on the back?

I think that would be a fake

What is a misprinted 2006 one dollar bill worth?

Please post a new question with a description of the misprint.

How much is a miss printed Pa. state quarter worth?

it depends on a lot of things, how exactly is it misprinted?