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You are probably referring to a redshirted freshman. In football you receive a redshirt by not playing in any games in a given season. Also by receiving a redshirt it does not count against your years of eligibility. So a redshirt freshman or rFrosh can still play 4 years just like a true freshman can.

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Q: What is a reserved freshman in football?
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If you get held back your freshman year do you play with the freshman football team or sophomore?

You will be put on the Freshman team

What year were freshman eligible to play college football?

NCAA made freshman eligible in 1972

Is freshman football in high school important?

To prepare them for collage football if they make collage football

What does the football team do to a freshman every homecoming in smallvile series?

At homecoming on Smallville the football team would take a freshman out on the field and stripe him down. This is a series show.

What is summer camp for freshman football?

and to learn

Who has the most freshman Rushing yards?

College freshman have many adjustments to make. However, the most successful freshman football players can make an impact in the classroom and on the field. Maurice Clarett has the most freshman rushing yards.

What year did dick thoma play football for Ohio state?

1961 football season as a freshman.

What are the release dates for Project Freshman - 2007 Football Frenzy 1-9?

Project Freshman - 2007 Football Frenzy 1-9 was released on: USA: 7 November 2007

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Can sophomores ever play on the freshman football team in in NJ?


What is cooler midget football or freshmen football?

I am a freshman football player but I would say midget football is cooler when you have a team like mine that always loses to them.

Why are students at SUNY Albany not allowed to bring cars on campus their freshman year?

Students at SUNY Albany are not allowed to bring cars on campus during their freshman year, as that privilege is reserved for older, and more responsible, students.

Can a freshman play on the varsity football team?

Rules can change from school to school, but if an athlete is extraordinarily talented, they may be able to play on the varsity as a freshman.

When and why did Tom Brady start football?

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Can you try out jacksonville state football during college as a freshman?


What does it mean if a college football player is red-shirted?

If a college football player is redshirted, it means that they are relegated to the practice team for their freshman year. For this reason, a redshirt freshman is a sophomore academically, but the player is given an extra year of eligibility.

When did Tom Brady start to play football?

His freshman year in high school.

What Alabama football wide receiver who broke his leg as a freshman?

percy harvin

What is the average weight of a freshman high school football player?

2 pounds

Average weight for freshman in high school football players?

1001 pounds

How long is a quarter in a freshman high school football game?

8 mins

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because he was a great football player and he loved in yale.

Can a girl play high school freshman football?

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Who is the first college football freshman to start in a bowl game?

Hershel walker of Georgia