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A relay race in swimming is a team of swimmers, the first person swims usually 2 lengths, then as they touch the wall the second person goes, then so on and the first team to get all of their swimmers back (the fastest team) wins!

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Q: What is a relay race in swim?
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What is an 800 medley relay?

The 800 medley relay is a race swim/run by a team of 4. The first leg will swim or run 100 meters. The next will swim/run 100 meters. The third will swim/run 200 meters. The last person will swim/run 400 meters. In total, 800 meters.

How many runners in an olympic relay race?

there is 12 runners in an olympic relay race

What strokes are in the swimming medley?

With swimming there is two kinds of medleys. First, there is the individual medley where the swimmer swims all four strokes in one race. Also called for short an IM. In this race, the swimmer will swim the strokes in the following order- butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. The swimmer swims a different stroke for each quarter of the race. So for example, if a swimmer was doing a 200 IM the swimmer would swim a 50 of each stroke. Second, there is a medley relay. In a relay, you have four swimmers who all swim a quarter of the race each. In a medley relay though the order is different from an IM. The order of the strokes would be backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and finally freestyle. Hope this helps;3

What is swimming competition or relay scores?

swimming competition is when people swim in a contest like event, where they swim against the other members of other swim teams and they do different events and one is called a relay and the score the relay to see who wins.

What does relay means in track and field?

relay means a race but the race is a short one

What is a race with a baton?

it is called a relay race

Can you get a picture of the relay?

Whether you can get a picture of the relay race will depend on which race it was. You will have better luck getting a picture of the relay if the photographer uploaded the pictures online.

What is a relay race?

A relay race is when people run 100m and then pass the baton to the next person and it can go on for Eva

When did the relay race begin?

the relay race began at 7:05:42 and ended at 7:09:15

What is a race where runners pass a baton?

A relay race.

What are the four parts of a relay race?

yes, there are four parts to a relay race but really i dont know

What is the name of a sport where they have to race and then pass a baton?

relay race

How many people swim in a relay team?

It depends what relay you mean - a normal relay has four swimmers (e.g. an IM relay or a freestyle relay) bu relays such as a cannon relay can have more

Who was the first sprinter in a relay race?

The first sprinter in a relay race is called the leadoff while the last sprinter is called the anchor.

When swimming in a race do you swim the length or the width?

You usually swim the length not the width.

What did Jenny Thompson nomally swim in a race?

she usually was too fat to swim

The future tense of swim?

will future -- I will swim in the harbour race next Saturday going to -- I am going to swim as hard as I can be + present participle -- I am swimming in the race next week.

What are the release dates for Scrappy's Relay Race - 1934?

Scrappy's Relay Race - 1934 was released on: USA: 30 June 1934

Can you throw the baton in relay after the race?

Yes u can throw the beton AFTER the race

What is a cannon relay swimming race?

The cannon relay is the last race in a gala. The fastest boy and girl in each year group come together as one swimming team and race the other teams.

What factors affect relay race?

Speed and agility affect relay races. Other factors that can affect a race include the environment, weather conditions, and training.

How many meters long is a speed skating race?

Depends on what race you choose, there are the 500m, 1000m, 1500m, for men the 5000m relay and for women 3000m relay.

How do you run the 4x200 relay race?

you sprint as fast as you can. in the 4x200 relay race, the fastest man among four will usually be the last runner.

How many laps do you have to swim in a 200 free relay?

There are four people on a relay, so in a 200 free relay each person swims a 50 free.

Did Michael Johnson lose his last race?

His last race was a relay and his team won.