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Q: What is a racing sledge for two people with steering mechanism to direct down a steep bank?
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Is the game Split Second compatible with the Xbox 360 steering wheel?

Any racing games are compatible with the steering wheel.

Does the Xbox 360 racing wheel works for every racing game?

Noo, only on games with a little steering wheel marked on it

Why do offshore boat racing have 2 pilots?

one for the throttle and one for steering

Pop off Steering Wheelthe price for a pop off steering wheel?

call summit racing or go online at

What are some ps3 racing games that require the 3 pedal steering wheel with shift stick?

All the racing games can be played with the controller

Which console is best for racing games?

Any consoles that has a steering wheel attached is a great way to enjoy racing games. If you dont have a steering wheel attached to any of ur consoles, then go for races that uses the accelerometer controls.

What games are compatible with PS2 steering wheel thrustmaster brand?

every racing game on ps2

Does the PS2 steering wheel works for any racing game?

I'm pretty sure that you can because i have a steering wheel and I tried to use it on another game and it worked.

Does a ps3 steering wheel work with any car game?

NO, it does not! I have a G25 racing wheel and it does not work with ANY of the NASCAR racing games. You would think SONY would have an update for PS3 to recognize all Logitech steering wheels as just another gamepad so it could be an optional controller for all games. They did it with the Blue Ray remote, why not the steering wheels? Here is a link to steering wheel supported PS3 games.

What is a steering wheel made of?

Most vehicular steering wheels are generally made of plastic over a steel "frame" or core. Certainly there are many custom or racing variations.

What sport has more attendance in a year horse racing or auto racing?

Most people would say auto racing but it really is horse racing.

What is a good racing steering wheel?

Sparco are always nice, however ones from NRG are just as nice however you can get them for half the price