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This question is moot because the mile is not an Olympic event. The closest in distance is the 1500m.

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Q: What is a qualifying olympic mile time?
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What is qualifying olympic womens 800m time?

1.59.50 :)

What is the Olympic qualifying time for women's 50m freestyle?

The qualifying time for the women's 50m freestyle is 25.43 seconds.

2008 mens winning olympic one mile time?

The mile is not contested in the Olympics.

What is a olympic qualifying standard?

340000000000000 years

What is the record time of running a mile in the Olympics?

The mile run is not an Olympic event. The 1500 meter run is the event in the Olympics that is closest to the mile run.

What is a qualifying Olympic 800 meter time?

It depends on the field of the participants. For the U.S., you need an "A" qualifying time of 1:56.60 to go to the trials. The top three runners will qualify for the Olympics. The time required to be in the top three will be detrmined at the trials in Oregon.

How many countries did not reach the Olympic qualifying standard to compete?


What is an Olympic mile?

the 1@#@@

What was the first year that qualifying was required for the Boston Marathon?

A qualifying time of 3:30 was instituted for the 1971 Boston Marathon. Entry was also permitted for anyone who broke 65 min. in a 10-mile race.

Who ran first Olympic four minute mile?

Don't believe it has been done. The mile is not an Olympic distance.

Who holds the Olympic record in the mile run?

The mile run is not an event in the Olympic Games, the 1500 meter run is contested.

What is the 100m fly olympic trial qualifier?

The 2012 Olympic qualifying standard is 52.36 seconds for men and 58.70 seconds for women.

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