What is a puskas?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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it means gunner in Hungarian i think. puskas is also the last name of Hungarian soccer star ferenc puskas

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Q: What is a puskas?
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Who are some deceased soccer players?

They are Puskas, garincha, bobby Moore.

Who was the Hungarian born soccer player who played for Czechoslovakia and Spain?

ferenc puskas

What number did Ferenc Puskas wear for club and country?

He wore the number 10.

Who was the general that led Pao in 1971 Champions legaue's final?

It was Ferenc Puskas, the Galloping Major.

Which country won the most European championships?

Germany Germany

What position did puskas play in?

As a striker, often considered the best left footed player to play the game.

Who are some legendary footballers?

Pele, Maradona, Puskas, di Stefano, George Best, Eric Cantona.

Who was called the Galloping Major?

Ferenc Puskas, (originally Purczeld Ferenc) the world-famous Hungarian striker. His other nickname was "The Booming Cannon". Please note that his name uses the Western name order, so it should be read as Puskás Ferenc instead of Ferenc Puskas.

Football did puskas ever play at stamford bridge?

Yes, he played there in an exhibition match, some time in 1966-7.

What did Cristiano Ronaldo do in 2009?

In 2009 Cristiano Ronaldo was the inaugural winner of the FIFA Puskas Award. He was born February 5, 1985 in Portugal. His current club is Real Madrid.

What was the squad number of Puskas as a Real Madrid player?

I believe it was number 10 acording to a book ive got about players who have worn the number 10 shirt, and i think it was the same number for Hungary.

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