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Q: What is a professional basketball team Seattle Seahawks Orlando Magic Cleveland Indians Texas Rangers?
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What is a professional basketball team Orlando Magic Seattle Seahawks Cleveland Indians Texas Rangers?

Orlando Magic

What is Cleveland ohios city sport?

Cleveland has the professional teams called the Browns (football), the Indians (baseball), and the Cavaliers (basketball).

Where is the Cleveland indians baseball team located?

The Cleveland Indians professional baseball team is based in Cleveland, Ohio. Since being established, the Indians have won two world series in 1920 and 1948.

What professional sports teams are in Ohio?

From my knowledge, they have eight professional sports teams, the Cleveland Indians (MLB Baseball), the Cleveland Browns (NHL Football), and the Cleveland Cavilers (NBA Basketball), Cincinnati Bangles (NFL Football), Cincinnati Reds (MLB Baseball), Columbus Blue Jackets (NFL Football), Columbus Crew (MLS Soccer) and Cleveland Rockers (WNBA). All of these are considered professional sports, and to my knowledge those are the professional sports team of Ohio.

What is the name of the 1st professional hockey team in Cleveland?

Cleveland Barons an AHL team from 1937-73. They can be traced back to 1921 as the Cleveland Indians.

Who are the professional athletes from Ohio?

Ohio professional athletes include the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers, the NFL's Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals, MLB's Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds, NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets...

What do the Indians have to do with Cleveland?

the Indians belong to Cleveland so they have a lot with Cleveland

What do cavaliers have to do with Cleveland?

They are the respective NBA basketball team for that city. Just like the Browns in football, and the Indians in baseball

When was Cleveland Indians created?

Cleveland Indians was created in 1894.

Who owns the Cleveland Indians?

Larry Dolan is the owner of the Cleveland Indians.

Is Corey Sizemore a professional baseball player?

There is no professional baseball player named Corey Sizemore that I found, but there is a Grady Sizemore. He plays outfield for the Cleveland Indians.

What is the sport team in Ohio?

Basketball: Cleveland Cavaliers Football: Cleveland Browns + Cincinnati Bengals Baseball: Cleveland Indians Soccer: Columbus ????? and I think there might be a Cleveland Team also Hockey: Toledo Walleye + maybe a Columbus team

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