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you are probably talking about a garage compressor, in which case the output of that is around 200 psi max, your Scuba tank needs 3000 psi, that little compressor will get nowhere near that. not to mention the garage compressors put out wet, dirty air, nothing you want to be breathing or cycling through your marker. If you want to get a compressor that will fill that scuba it is going to cost you around $3000-$5000 for a used one.

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Q: What is a problem compressor cant fill dive tanks?
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Where can you get scuba tanks refilled other than at scuba shops?

You could buy your own portable diving compressor, my dive buddy has one, there not silly expensive . You must get fills from a compressor designed for diving (breathing) as the air is filtered and moisture removed.

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Tanks are usually filled from compressors, which simply pump in new gas until they reached the required pressure. Most dive shops have one or more compressors for this purpose. Sometimes tanks are directly filled from other tanks (called 'banks'), but that is usually when you need to fill them at a location where you don't have a compressor.

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