What is a pressure foot?

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A pressure foot is used to measure air pressure inside a tank. This means that every square foot of the tank, there is a pound of pressure.

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Q: What is a pressure foot?
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How many pressure points are in the foot?

There are 3 pressure points in your foot.

How do you work out the pressure of your foot?

The area of your foot divided by your mass.

How much pressure does it take to crush a foot?

Depends on the size of the foot - a child's food will take far less pressure to crush than an adult man's foot.

How much pressure does a foot of water have?

A foot of water has a cubic mass of 62.4 pounds per foot

What six foot animal has the same bite pressure as a human?

The six-foot animal that has the same bite pressure as a human is considered to be a six-foot lizard. A couple of types of lizards with human-like biting pressure are the iguana and monitor lizards.

How does your arch in your foot help?

it reduces the amount of pressure exerted on the foot while you walk

If a pressure reading is 20 psi what is the pressure in foot of water?

Water pressure at a depth of about 44 feet is about 20psi

Why do you stand in 1 foot you increase your pressure?

It's actually to do with surface area. One foot decreases your area, therefore all your weight (pressure) is on one foot. 2 feet would distribute the weight

How much pressure is exerted on the lower edge of a 12 foot by 24 foot by 4 foot deep pool?

about 2 psi. (0.5 psi / foot of depth)

How do you do the brakes?

place pressure on the pedal with your foot (preferably)

Show you sexual pressure point in the foot?

the arch

What is the pressure of a 100 foot height pipe?

I'm not sure what you mean, but if your mean what is the pressure at the bottom of a 100 foot high pipe filled with water, it's 43.3 psi

How many psi in 1 cubic foot of gas?

There can be aby number of psi in a cubic foot because psi is a measurement of pressure and the gas can be any pressure you care to make it.

Why does your foot fall asleep when you are not sitting on your foot?

Your foot falls asleep when you're standing up because either you're putting to much pressure on that foot or your foot got ''bored'' and fell asleep.

Convert 120 mph to pounds per square foot?

mph is a unit of speed; pounds per square foot is a unit of pressure. You don't convert that.mph is a unit of speed; pounds per square foot is a unit of pressure. You don't convert that.mph is a unit of speed; pounds per square foot is a unit of pressure. You don't convert that.mph is a unit of speed; pounds per square foot is a unit of pressure. You don't convert that.

Your feet always feel hot and swollen what causes this?

Pressure on the foot is propably the answer because my feet used to be swollen from the pressure on my foot and my shoe was too small. Those could be the reasons

At A 33-foot Depth Underwater The Pressure Is 29.55 Pounds Per Square Inch (psi). At A Depth Of 66 Feet The Pressure Reaches 44.4 Psi. At What Rate Is The Pressure Increasing?

Divide the difference in pressure by the difference in depth.

Ankle pain when pressure on feet?

because of flat foot

How much pressure to break a foot bone?

4 pounds

What are the differences between air pressure and water pressure?

The major difference in air pressure and water pressure is the weight. Water is a lot heavier than air. One cubic foot of air weighs 1/12 of a pound. One cubic foot of water weights approximately 64 pounds.

How do you turn on toes snowboarding?

put more pressure on front foot and back foot is easier to whip around to steer.

What is the head pressure of water per foot of elevation?

.433 pounds per square inch per foot of head

What is a corn on your foot?

A foot corn is thick layers of skin that show up when a fracture has had too much pressure put on it.

What is the torque setting for a 95 s10 2.2 pressure plate bolts?

The torque setting for the pressure plate on the clutch for an s10 2.2 is 33 foot pounds. The torque for the 4.3 is 29 foot pounds.

Standing on a bathroom scale with one foot does a scale read force or pressure?

Force....pressure=force/area, so if you transferred to one foot on the scale it would read half your weight, but that is not the case because it reads force so on one foot the reading is the same

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