What is a prenuptual agreement?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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prenuptial agreement clarifies your shared responcibilities giving your partner a piece of mindand more time to concentrate on enjoying your relationship

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Q: What is a prenuptual agreement?
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Will you marry with prenuptual agreement John Felix Anthony Cena Jr?

aertony vanioa 76 john cena 1 cena fax you

Is a prenuptual agreement signed during common law living good after you marry?

I'm sure this varies, but I think you will find that a prenup needs to be specific about whether or not you are married, but an attorney would be the best interpreter of this.

If a couple has a prenuptial agreement that everything they had prior to the marriage remains theirs if something happens to the husband who owns the house will the wife be able to live there?

If he dies, the house should become soley her property unless othewise stated in the prenuptual agreement. If they have an agreement that she doesn't get the house and they break up, it would be up to him whether she stayed or not. It would not be her property if he owned it before the marriage. If it was purchased after marriage with money earned after the marriage then it would be upto them or the court to decide.

Are Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey still married?

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Does infidelity void prenuptual agreement?

ANSWER:Definitely, especially for those people who are rich, or making sure that the reason why they get married is to love each others and no one will betrayed that promise. I'm not rich but my parents left me what they had, so I put a claw when I married my ex, in case one of us will be stupid enough to betrayed each others. Guess what he was the one that broke the bond.

Does a prenuptual agreement have to be done by an attorney?

A prenupt does not have to be prepared by an attorney, however, if you have a legal service or computer legal service prepare one, you would have both parties have a minimum of 7 days before the marriage before the document gets Notarized so that there is "no pressure" time to have an attorney review it. If the prenupt is sign to close to a marriage, it could invalidate it from a Judges prespective as being under duress.

What is tthe life cycle of a parakeet?

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How will momma cat react to the separation?

Well, it depends on how long the momma cat has been with the daddy cat, if it was longer than, say, a year, then probably pretty hard. I suggest getting a counsellor for the momma cat, even some anti-depressants. If there was a prenuptual agreement signed before the separation of the cats, then that's a whole different ball-game; lawyers will have to be involved. I suggest that more anti-depressants.

If separated and there are two cars can spouse take both cars?

It depends on whose names are on the title. If the title is in her name alone then she can take the car. If the title is in both names or in his name alone then she can't take the car. However, she should consult with her attorney before taking any such action especially if it deprives him of his ability to get to work.

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How do you certify a letter of agreement between two people?

By having the agreement notarized.By having the agreement notarized.By having the agreement notarized.By having the agreement notarized.

What is the gentleman agreement?

A gentleman's agreement is an agreement which is made on each person's word of honor. It is not a legal agreement, but a verbal agreement which can be enforceable in a court of law.