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Q: What is a possible diagnosis for blood after urinating after jogging?
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What is the possible diagnosis of having a higher blood pressure when standing up?

Postural Hypertension

Is Creatine kinase related to Dermatomyositis?

An increased level of creatine kinase in the blood suggests DM as a possible diagnosis

What are the nursing diagnosis for high blood?

if without diagnosis of hypertension code only elevated blood pressure 726.2. if theres a final diagnosis of hypertension, code high blood for 401.9 for unspecified type of HTN.

What could it be if you urinate 6 times a night but do not have diabetes and there is no blood in your urine?

Frequent urination has many different causes. If you are a male, one common cause is prostate enlargement. It can cause difficulty urinating, as well as a feeling of not emptying your bladder completely, and urinating often. Drinking alcohol or caffeine at night will also cause frequent urination. Please see your doctor for diagnosis and treatment if necessary.

You are a male who was struck on your right side above your pelvis The first day you were urinating blood and the next couple days I've been urinating chunks of dried blood causing pain why is this?

Your kidney was bruised. The dried blood is better than fresh, that indicates the damage is closed off. Pain at the point of impact or from urinating? If just from urinating, it is just the passage of the clots. I would expect that to stop fairly quickly. If it goes past a week, see a doctor.

Why is a woman that is not pregnant urinating blood and blood clots?

that's not heathly at all! go see a dr sweety

What vaccine can you use for a cow urinating blood?

You won't need a vaccine for this. When an animal starts urinating blood, this means that the kidneys are shot. You're better off to put the animal down, because eventually she will bleed to death.

What is a clinical procedure that aids in the diagnosis of blood disorders like anemia and leukemia is?

A CBC, or complete blood count, is a clinical procedure that can aid in the diagnosis of leukemia and anemia. The peripheral blood smear can also be helpful in diagnosis.

What are the first symptoms of prostate cancer?

Difficulty urinating, pain while urinating, blood in the urine, blood in the semen,chronic constipation, and pain in the lower back, upper thighs or hips are some of the first symptoms of prostate cancer.

Why does it hurt when urinating and see drops of blood afterwards No infection all checked at the doctor urine culture sperm culture everything checked?

You could possible have a kidney stone if you are seeing blood in your urine. If you have no infection, ask the doctor to check for kidney stones.

Increased blood volume?

Endurance exercise, such as jogging, swimming and cycling, increases your blood volume over time.

What will happen to the blood capillaries in the skin when a person starts jogging?

they will probably expand some as the blood pressure rises