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Q: What is a popular sport among the people of Mexico?
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Is swimming a sport in Mexico?

Yes. It is also a popular activity among those who can pay the classes and/or time at the local pool.

What is the most popular organized sport among young people in New Zealand?


What is Mexico's most popular sport?

Soccer (football) is the most popular sport in Mexico. See related questions for further details.

What are some popular sports in Mexico?

one popular sport in Mexico is soccer.

Why is baseball so popular in Mexico?

It is the greatest sport ever invented and it should be the most popular sport in every country.

What is a popular sport in Cancun Mexico?

The most common sport anywhere in Mexico is soccer

Do children play soccer in Mexico?

Yes they do. It is a very popular sport in Mexico.

Second most popular sport in Mexico?


What is the most popular participation sport in Mexico is?


What is a popular sport and pastime among Afghans?

horseback :)

What was the popular sport among the Minoans?

the answer is bull-leaping

Is rugby a popular sport in Mexico?

No rugby is not popular in Mexico and as yet they are not one of the IRB 93 national clubs