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Q: What is a popular dance of the dominican republic?
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What is the maranga dance?

it's a dance that I lerned in ballroom danceing

Which is the most popular dog in Dominican Republic?

The most popular dog in the Dominican Republic is the beagle.

What country was the Maranga dance from?

The Dominican Republic

What a name of a dance from dominican republic?


What country is famous for the dance merengue?

The Dominican Republic is famous for the dance the merengue.

What are facts about bachata?

Bachata is a guitar music which originated in the Dominican Republic. It is now one of the most popular Latin dance styles internationally.

What are the traditions in Dominican Republic?

In the Traditions they are very colorful and like to dance.

What sports are played in the Dominican Republic?

The most popular sports in the Dominican Republic are baseball and boxing.

Where does maranga the dance come from?

The merengue is a dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. In the mid-1900's Rafael Trajillo, the dictator of the Dominican Republic, made the merengue the country's national dance and music. I'm sure wikipedia has a section on it so you can check that out if you want.

What sport is really popular in Dominican Republic?

Well I am from there and basically baseball is the popular sport in the Dominican Republic. I don't know all of the teams but, I do know two of them: Licey and Aguilas.

What is the popular culture for dominican republic?

Basball. they play it alot their

Where did the merengue start?

The merengue dance first started in the year of 1927. It is best known as the national dance for the Dominican Republic.