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THAT is a really good question. In fact the United States Constitution doesn't even mention political parties. For many, at the time to document was written, it was comtemplated that there would be no political parties. But it didn't work out that way.

In fact no matter what country you are in political parties seem to be a fact of life. Even in countries who try to maintain only one political party. It is true that we are not aware of parties in North Korea or Cuba, two totalarian states, but I suspect they are there none the less.

A political party is an organiztion of people who seek political power to do things of common interest.

Great definition, but it breaks down when parties are examined closely. Ususally, it turns out that political parties are coalitions of persons seeking policial power in which the mission of their partners in the coaltion is not wholely objectionable.

Therefore they will arrive at a place where they say; "I will vote for you on your issue if you will vote for me on mine."

While 'politics makes for strange bedfellows' political parties are made up of persons for whom everyone in the party is acceptable to them on some level.

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Q: What is a political party in the US?
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