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its called a Badminton Court

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Q: What is a place where you play badminton called?
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Where one can play badminton in Kuwait?

You can play Badminton several place in Kuwait, there is some Badminton club you can join and start play. Like FILBAK, IBAK, FBAA, FBC

What are the old names of badminton?

badminton is called "poona" in india badminton is called "battledor" in england badminton is called "badminton" in america

What is the name of the ball that you use to play badminton with?

It's called a birdie.

Facilities of badminton?

The facilities of badminton are a place where the sport badminton is played. It's usually located inside a building or complex because the shuttlecock is affected by the wind which can disturb the play.

What country badminton started in?

The badminton was first played in 17th century in Gloucestershire in England at a place called 'BADMINTON'. The first badminton club was also established in BATH (England) in the year 1873.

Where did badminton originated in?

It originated in India in a place called pune and it was thus known as "poona". From there it went to England where it got the name Badminton

Who can play badminton?

Any one who is interested towards playing can play badminton.

Conclusion to play badminton?

People come to the conclusion to play badminton because it is fun for them to play. Badminton is an outdoor, and typically causal, racket sport.

Suggest a good place for badminton in Bangalore?

The Best place to play is at KBA ( It's a membership club but they do provide temporary membership for Badminton only for 3 months and the fee is resonable.

What is the area called on which badminton is played?

It is called a "badminton court".

How do you say to play badminton in french?

Je joue au badminton

Who plays badminton in the Olympics?

people who want to play badminton...thats who

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