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A pitching wedge is a Golf clubs with about 46-48 degrees loft.

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Q: What is a pitching wedge?
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What is the difference between a Nike Slingshot pitching wedge and the approach wedge?

The Loft. The approach wedge "A" is lofted between the pitching wedge "P" and the sand wedge "S"

What is degree loft of titleist ap1 pitching wedge?

what is the loft of a standard pitching wedge

What is the loft of pitching wedge?

A pitching wedge has between 46 and 48 degrees of loft.

What is p wedge golf club?

pitching wedge

Pitching wedge sand wedge difference?

The main difference is loft a pitching wedge has about 46-48 degrees of loft and a sandwedge has about 54-56 degrees of loft. The pitching wedge therefore can be hit farther.

What is the difference between an aproach wedge and a pitching wedge?

A gap wedge (or approach wedge) is used to hit shots with a higher and shorter trajectory than a pitching wedge and lower and longer trajectory than a sand wedge.

Is the 56 degree pitching wedge a sand wedge?

A 56 degree is a sand wedge.

What is the difference in loft for sand wedge and pitching wedge?

A pitching wedge is usually 46 or 48 degrees, and sandwedge is usually either 54 or 56 degrees.

What 3 wedges are good for a golf bag?

Sand Wedge, Pitching Wedge and a Gap Wedge

What does AW Stand FOR Nike Slingshot?

Approach Wedge. Its between a pitching wedge and sand wedge.

What is a 52deg club in golf?

That would be a gap wedge. Between a pitching wedge and a sand wedge.

What is the loft on an a wedge?

A wedge refers to a pitching wedge, which is usually 46-48 degrees, depending on manufacturer. It depends on which wedge you are talking about. The most common wedges carried today are a pitching wedge, sand wedge and lob wedge. You may also hear reference to a Gap wedge as well. Generally, a pitching wedge is 52, sand is 56 and lob is 60. Lob wedges can up to 64 as well and pitching can sometimes be less than 52 as the other person above said.

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