What is a pitchers stat?

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A pitcher stat is a statistical number that determines how a pitcher has performed during his career.

For instance, "H" tells you how many batters have gotten hits off of him.

G is how many games he's participated in.

ERA is a pitcher's earned run average. etc

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Q: What is a pitchers stat?
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What is an era in baseball?

ERA is known as earned run average, a stat used for pitchers. The lower the number, the better he is.

In mayor league baseball what does the stat for pitchers the whip mean?

WHIP is a pitcher's statistic that means the pitchers walks (W), plus hits (H) allowed per innings pitched (IP).

Why do pitchers in MLB have their own individual win-loss stat?

It helps resolve the issue of "Who was the better pitcher?" Win-loss records for pitchers are just one stat (but an important one) in resolving this issue. In 1972, Steve Carlton was 27-10 on a team that lost 97 games. He was great, his team sucked.

What Is a south paw's stat?

A southpaw is a lefty. Sports like baseball track the stats of pitchers and batter also by noting the predominant side of brain.

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What does CG stand for in baseball?

Complete Game, a stat for pitchers. This means that the pitcher has pitched through the entire game without any relief help from the bullpen, and has played all 9 innings.

Why are pitchers called southpaws?

left handed pitchers are called southpaws, not all pitchers in general

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