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Q: What is a physical description of Tim Shepard?
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What was a description of Tim's physical appearance?

He was tiny.

Whos tires did dally slash in the book outsiders?

Tim Shepard's tires.

In The Outsiders written by S.E. Hinton who was Tim Sheppard's brother?

Tim Shepard's little brother is Curly Shepard & he also has a little sister named Angela. :)

Who is Dallas Winston's best friend in the outsiders?

Tim Shepard

Who tried to call off the big rumble in the outsiders?

Tim Shepard

What is the difference between Tim Shepard's gang and Ponyboy's group?

Tim Shepherds gang was more violent, your typical hoods.

What has the author Judy Shepard Rosenfeld written?

Judy Shepard Rosenfeld has written: 'Ticket to Israel' -- subject(s): Description and travel

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Physical description of Alemania

What is an otter's physical description?

An otter's physical description would be a description of what it looked like.

What does physical description mean?

A physical description is the description of the physical properties (what you can see) of an object. For example, a rough physical description of the moon would be: round, white, big, bright, looks like a face.

Who is Curly in The Outsiders?

Curly Shepard is the fifteen-year-old brother of Tim Shepard. Curly is stubborn and rough. He cannot go to the rumble because he was put in a reformatory for six months after robbing a liquor store. Tim is proud of Curly's criminal record.

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